The String Garden, founded by Eva Walsh, is an affordable and personal string section recording service, convenient wherever there is an internet connection. Grown from a lifetime of experience as a string player, a passion for songwriting and the natural ability to support musicians and composers, The String Garden allows any musician to add a professional fiddler, string quartet, or string section to their musical project.

Eva Walsh, violinist, violist and cellist for the The String Garden is a powerhouse musician, hailing from 17 years of intense classical violin training, culminating in a Bachelor of Music degree from Vanderbilt University in Violin Performance in 2010. Vanderbilt, being located in Nashville, not only prepared her for a professional life as a violinist, but sparked a new sense of creativity and interest in multiple styles of music. Before leaving Nashville, Eva played fiddle at the Grand Ole Opry, and accompanied songwriters all over town.

Upon leaving Nashville, Eva decided that her passion for all music styles, not just classical music meant that she had to strike out on her own and she chose a town pulsating with music: Boston. Since arriving in Boston 6 years ago, Eva has played with a professional orchestra, punk-rock bands, bluegrass bands, rock bands, americana bands, jazz groups, rap artists, and has accompanied many folk songwriters live, on tour and in studio, most recently as a featured musician with Guster at the Paradise Rock Club. Along with these supporting roles, Eva has also produced two solo albums of her own, playing violin, viola, cello, guitar, mandolin and ukulele as accompaniment to her own vocals.

Eva is now an in-demand musician for hire, adaptable to any live or studio circumstances. Able to quickly create high quality string arrangements and fiddle parts, or incorporate prewritten melodies or music, Eva is an adaptable and sensible collaborator for any recording project.